GS1 Golli

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Golli is a service designed especially for retail and utensil suppliers, enabling a completely digital order processing and shipment system. Golli fulfils the order and shipment needs of small and large companies.

Golli service

The price of the Golli service is 75 € / month. Tax (VAT) is added to the price.


How to get started?
You can order Golli from our online store. Taking the Golli into use requires that the company has a valid GS1 company prefix. 

1. Order Golli
2. After receiving the order, we will send an order confirmation and an activation link to Golli by e-mail
3. Agree with your subscriber or subscribers the date from which orders will be forwarded to Golli
4. Select a label printer to print collate address labels (Please note that GS1 Finland does not sell, supply or install label printers or their accessories)
How to use Golli?
An interface that works with an Internet browser is the most common way to use the Golli service. In the user interface, you can receive and process orders from trade groups and send related electronic delivery messages. In addition to using a browser interface, you can create integration with the service. In integration, the customer is responsible for the cost of building the connection between Goll and its own system.
With Golli service, you receive orders from the largest retail groups from one place. You can easily get orthodox stage markings without having to become familiar with technology and standards. The service is easy to set up and does not require a large initial investment.