GS1 Company Prefix – Identifiers and barcodes

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When you need a barcode for your product, you need a GS1 Company Prefix.

From the Company Prefix , you can generate product codes (GTINs) as well as various other identification numbers, such as GLNs that identify the location, SSCCs that identify deliveries, or UDIs for medical devices.

We grant four different sized code packages: 10, 100, 1000, or 100 000 codes.

If you run out of codes, you can only get more codes by ordering a new GS1 Company Prefix. Separate fees (granting fee, annual fee) are charged for each Company Prefix. We are renewing the prices of GS1 Company Prefixes from January 1, 2024. Read more about the pricing renewal on our website.

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The amount for the granting fee for the GS1 company prefix is based on the amount of codes ordered and the annual fee is based on the company’s turnover. Tax (VAT) is added to the prices mentioned.


How can I get a EAN-barcode, and how soon can I start using it? 
When you want to create GTIN-codes for your products and create EAN-barcodes from them, the first step is to get a GS1 company prefix.

This is how to do:
1. Choose the number of codes you need and order the GS1 company prefix.
2. Once we have received the order, we will send you by mail a certificate, on the certificate you can find your company prefix. The company prefix is ready for use instantly.
3. You will receive an activation link for GS1 Rekisteri.
4. Sign in to GS1 Rekisteri, where you can create the GTIN-codes and barcodes.
What is a GS1 company prefix and what do I need it for? 
A GS1 company prefix is a unique identifier issued by GS1 Finland to the applicant. With the help of a GS1 company prefix you can create product identifiers, barcodes and other identifiers.

Any company, community or private person that needs identifiers in their operations can order a GS1 company prefix.
Tax free sales
If your company is entitled to VAT-free sales, please contact our customer service at and order GS1 company prefix from there.
How do I choose the right company prefix?
For the creating of product identifiers/ barcodes GS1 issues four different sizes of GTIN code packages; 10, 100, 1000 and 100 000 codes. (For variable–length products a separate company prefix is issued.)

A unique GTIN code is required for each variant of the product (size, colour, flavour etc.) It is therefore worth carefully considering what number of codes is needed. For example, if there are four colours and four sizes of the product, then 16 codes are required to uniquely identify each product. Consider also that the different hierarchy levels of packaging require an own code (for example base unit, case, pallet). So, one consumer product can require more than one code.

Estimate the need for codes a few years ahead and choose the number of codes accordingly. This way the numbers that can be created from one company prefix will last longer and there is no need to accuire a new GS1 company prefix so soon. [GTINs are unique and, for example, reusing the GTIN of a discontinued product as an identifier of another product is prohibited.] If the numbers are all used you will need to get a new GS1 company prefix. A company can have several active company prefixes simultaneously and a yearly fee is paid for each company prefix.
How to get SSCC codes?
To get SSCC codes you must order a GS1 company prefix.

Find here how many SSCC codes you can create using different size of code packages

10 code package -> 1 million SSCC codes
100 code package-> 10 million SSCC codes
1000 code package-> 100 million SSCC codes
100 000 code package -> 10 billion SSCC codes