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Synkka product information service of GS1 is a centralised service for delivering and receiving product information, designed for suppliers, importers, wholesalers, retail chains, HoReCa operators and healthcare sector for example for hospitals.

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The amount for the granting fee for the Synkka service is based on the way Synkka is used. The annual fee is based on the company’s turnover. Tax (VAT) is added to the prices mentioned.


What is the Synkka service?
Synkka is a centralised product information service for suppliers, importers, wholesalers, retail chains and HoReCa sector operators. It allows trading partners to share and receive product information and photos. Furthermore, Synkka allows the sharing product information to other countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
Providing product information (suppliers) – With Synkka, product information and images are always in the correct format and up-to-date both in Finland and abroad in stores, online stores, marketplaces and for all other users of product information.

Receiving product information – From Synkka, Finland’s largest database, you receive standard product information on both food and consumer goods. Synkka provides information on both the products to be launched and updates to existing products. All along the same channel!
How to use Synkka?
You can use Synkka manually via the user interface or by integrating Synkka into an existing system (eg ERP, PIM, CMS, graphic production).

The interface is a good option when there are a reasonable number of products. If your company’s data volumes are large, integration is the best solution for managing product data and images.
How to get started?
You can order Synkka from our online store. Taking the Synkka into use requires that the company has a valid GS1 company prefix. 

1. Select how to use the service and subscribe Synkka
2. After receiving the order, we will send an order confirmation and an activation link to Synkka by e-mail
3. Guidance on how to use the service can be found on our website or can be ordered during the training.